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Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week! I will be going back to my normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine next week! While I’m posting this I just though I’d give you a sneak peek and tell you that my next post is on the Summer 2012 Fashion Trends! (Get Excited!!!) 

Check back on Monday and have an unforgettable weekend!

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Entry #5: When to Throw Away Your Makeup

ImageHello again everyone! I know I haven’t posted for a few days…I think I am going to be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and probable occasionally during the weekends if I’m not too busy! Alrighty, as you can see by the title, this entry is all about tossing your makeup! Though many people refrain from doing it, it is quite necessary! I mean think about it, you are putting this stuff on your face! Anything that comes in contact with your skin should be in good condition.

Powder Face Products: By this I mean like translucent powder, powder foundation, powder bronzers, powder blushes, etc. These things can last multiple years as long as long as there is no buildup on the surface and it isn’t irritating your skin. *General Rule for ALL cosmetic products: “If it smells or looks funny in any situation, throw it away without hesitation”*

Eye Products: Eye products have different life spans depending on what they are. For liquid liner or mascara, trash it in 3-6 months. If it becomes dry, clumpy, or is deemed unacceptable by the General Rule stated above, in the dumpster it goes. Powder eye shadows can last up to four years as long as they aren’t contaminated with a dirty brush.  Cream eye shadows can last about 12-18 months unless it has dried out. Any pencil eyeliners can last 2 years or more if sharpened regularly. Sharpening your eyeliner removes the previous layer of product and leaves a fresh, clean layer ready to use and uncontaminated. If you are ever to get an eye infection either scrub brushes forever or throw them out and toss any eye makeup that got contaminated (if you aren’t sure if it did, throw it out anyway)!

Lip Prodcuts: You can keep most of your lips products for around two years, unless you use them up before that. Lip liners can be kept until you use them up as long as you sharpen them regularly. If you use any of your lip products with a cold, flu, cough, or sickness and you might’ve infected it, toss it ASAP.

Liquid Face Products: As new makeup technology has been discovered, things like whipped/cream foundations, mouse blushes, and more have come out. Any face product that is a liquid based (cream, whipped, foam, mouse, liquid etc.) is good for a year or so unless it has been in contact with any bacteria or sicknesses.

Nail Polish: Unless you have a fungal infection your nail polish is good for multiple years. If it becomes watery, the consistency changes, or is deemed unacceptable by the General Rule stated above, throw it out!

Cosmetic tools: Makeup Brushes must be washed after one or two uses to keep from bacteria buildup and the spread of infections. Foundation sponges must be washed after each use and thrown away after around 5 uses. Nail care tools can be kept for multiple years as long as they haven’t become too worn down and cleaned (if they are a cleanable item… you can’t really clean a nail file). Once again, any tools that have been deemed unacceptable by the General Rule stated above or if they have come in contact with any infections, THROW THEM OUT!

Well, that was a mouthful! This entry was pretty long but I thought it would be helpful to many. With any questions that I didn’t address in this entry or if you need to contact me, the iMakeup Maniac for any reason email me at

Keep Calm and Buy Makeup,

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ImageHolla! Today I’m going to do my first entry about nail products. I’m not really too savvy in the nail world but I can make some pretty cool designs on my/other people’s nails! I’m not gonna lie, when doing my own nails I tend to screw them up pretty easily and yeah, that’s pretty frustrating but I have some cool tips and tricks that I’ve accumulated so I’ll share a couple of them with anyone who’s reading today!

My first tip would be moisturizing. The key to strong nails is to stimulate circulation in the fingertips/nail area so when you moisturize and massage the product into the fingertips you are stimulating circulation and preventing from chapped skin or hang nails. This is a must in my opinion because who wants brittle, uneven nails? They prevent polish from lasting as long … trust me I would know because I had a few issues with this in the past. Moisturizing is your best friend!

My next tip would be base coat. It really sucks when you take off all your nail polish and are almost ready to apply a new color and you realize that your previous manicure left a slight, yellow tint on your nails. Maybe this doesn’t bother everyone but it sure as heck bothers me! There are some ways to get rid of this but I’d rather not have it at all! A good way to prevent it is a base coat to protect your nails! You can get cheap ones at any drugstore or you can invest in a Sally Hansen, OPI, or Butter London product.

My final tip for today is to file/cut your nails frequently INSTEAD OF BITING THEM! I know how the whole biting thing goes… you get bored, nervous, or it just becomes a habit of yours to munch on those things at the end of your fingers. Trust me that will almost guarantee you brittle nails that aren’t strong at all! Filing them keeps them looking sophisticated so decide on your favorite shape (curved, squared, flat, pointed, etc.) and file away!

Thanks so so so much for reading today! I put effort and a little bit of me into every blog post that I make and it means a lot for someone to read them!

Until Next time ❤


I need love! Sincerely, your skin


Mmhm you know what I’m talking about just by looking at the title. Whether you like it or not skincare goes arm in arm with makeup ( I would say hand in hand but when you link arms you are closer together). While most of you super invested beauty freaks like me might already know this, I’m just going to reinstate it a little bit and give you my biggest tips that I can give! Alrighty number one is Sun Protection Factor. You may have heard this a million times but SPF is so freakin’ important! I am definitely that girl who forgets or is just too lazy to put on sunscreen, and thankfully lots of makeup has it pre-included for people like me, but unless wrinkles or skin cancer sound enjoyable… I advise latherin’ it up! (I can definitely do a post about SPF, sun rays, and all that jazz if you would like but just to tell you, Neutrogena makes great sunscreen! I like to get one for my body and one for my face that is more invisible and less oily.)

The next skincare must is washing your face! Wash 2x a day unless advised otherwise by your dermatologist or esthetician. While we’re on the subject, you NEED to make an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician! They are going to help you with all your questions and really go in depth with personalized tips especially for your skin! It may cost more than you want it to but invest (and do your research before calling to make sure you aren’t making a date with a quack)!

My final skincare tip is please for all that is good and holy, don’t sleep in your makeup! I don’t care if it’s  noncomedogenic , your skin needs to breathe! Weighing it down with makeup will aggravate it no matter if it clogs your pores or not!

There are plenty more skin care tips I could tell you (eye cream, exfoliating, moisturizing, toners, etc.) but I thought I wouldn’t throw too much at you in one day! I hope you liked this post and I guess until next time!

Peace out girl scout,

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I’m the iMakeup Maniac!

ImageAlrighty well I’m not really sure how this whole blog thing works but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’m the iMakeup Maniac and by that I mean, I’m a girl who is obsessed with all things makeup/beauty/skincare. I dabble in the whole fashion world too… meaning I like to look cute… but I’m not a pro at anything. Hopefully one day you’ll see me as a renown makeup artist or an esthetician but for now, I’m just here on the internet getting all the info I can and giving all the tips I got to whoever is interested in knowing ‘em.

Anyway, now that you know all that you need to about who I am, we can get to the part that actually matters… the blog! This shindig will probably be frequent (I’ll post multiple times a week) and something that I’ll keep up with to fill you in on my latest and greatest beauty finds and anything else that seems cool. I’m not sure how it’ll all turn out…maybe I’ll become a popular blogger or maybe I’ll just be another teenager with too much lipstick on. All I know is that I’m gonna keep typing until I find something better to do and keep applying makeup until my pores beg me to stop!


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First Real Post- Lip Products


Okay I’ve already posted a sort of intro to this page I’ve got goin’ on and now I think I’m ready to make my first real entry. I’m just sitting here in my room racking my brain of what you might actually be interested in reading about, my fingers clicking away, and then I suddenly think of something I realized that I’m actually pretty obsessed with… Lip Products! Now, I ‘m not suggesting that you’re interested in my personal obsessions (even though you did come to MY page at your own free will…) this is just something I think you might like to hear about okay? No judgement!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure we all feel this way, male or female, chapped lips are anything but cute! No one wants to have (or kiss) chapped, cracked, nasty lips that need some serious attention! Brands like MAC, Softlips, Smackers, EOS, and more make great chapsticks that I absolutely love! Like I said, I’ve developed some kind of obsession with having lip products with me at all time… it’s one of my bag essentials! I think having chapstick and whatever lip color I’m wearing for the day with me is really important! The lip color is great for makeup touch ups or, if I don’t feel like reapplying that, I can just grab my chapstick and apply it, no mirror needed! (Oh and also, quick tip but Revlon Lip Butters are lip color and chapstick in one! My favorite is pink truffle… you should most DEFF try them!) Okay well I’m not sure if anyone liked this post… feedback would be helpful (*cough* COMMENT! *cough*)! If you wanna read more stick around!

Your main chicka,

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